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Technical Advantages
Rational Vaccines has developed a novel, flow cytometry-based test that has the potential to detect 100% of HSV-1 and/or HSV-2 specific antibodies.

Starting with a small patient blood sample (just a few drops), the HSV ABVIC Test test measures the levels of antibody binding to virus-infected cells. Several novel features underlie the test’s superior accuracy and precision in diagnosing HSV-1 and/or HSV-2 infections. These technical advantages are summarized, as follows:

Each HSV ABVIC Test is based on more than n=30,000 measurements.  In contrast, the conclusions offered by the HerpeSelect® Test are usually based on n=1 measurement.

Technical AdvantagePractical Benefit
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statistical analysis of quantitative results unbiased interpretation
each test based on >30,000 measurements reliable test results
superior sensitivity in detecting HSV antibodies fewer false-negative results
internally controlled HSV antibody test fewer false-positive results


Practical Benefit
The superior accuracy and precision of the HSV ABVIC Test means fewer misdiagnosed herpes infections.

Because HSV-2 gG-based ELISA tests yield false-positive results in about 4% of people tested, thousands of Americans have been erroneously informed they are infected with HSV-2. Learn more about how the HSV ABVIC Test resolved >90% of equivocal results produced by the HerpeSelect® and HSV Western Blot tests.

HSV-2 gG-based ELISA tests produce an unacceptably high frequency of false-negative results during the first 3 months of primary herpes infections. Learn more about the false-negative problem of gG-based ELISAs. It is anticipated that the 100-fold more sensitive HSV ABVIC Test may be used to shorten the time required to confirm a herpes diagnosis to 4 – 6 weeks.

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