Rational Vaccines (RVx) is developing the HSV ABVIC Test as a direct-access-test that individuals will be able to order from the comfort of their own home.  We are currently working towards gaining CLIA Approval to offer the HSV ABVIC Test as a laboratory developed test.

If you are interested in being tested to determine your HSV-1 and HSV-2 infection status, apply now to be added to the waiting list for the HSV ABVIC Test. RVx will notify you as soon as the HSV ABVIC Test is commercially available.

Direct-Access-Testing Procedure
Once the Order Test portal is open, placing an order should take 10 minutes or less. As soon as we receive your order, a blood collection kit will be shipped directly to an address of your choosing and will arrive in a plain package. You will collect a few drops of blood in a manner similar to how diabetics collect a drop of blood from their finger every day to monitor their blood sugar levels. Each kit will contain a self-addressed and pre-paid shipping envelope that you will use to return your small blood sample to RVx’s clinical laboratory via overnight courier service.

Getting your results
From the time our clinical laboratory receives your blood sample, it will take 10 business days or less to complete your test. We will notify you by email as soon as your test results are ready and, using your unique patient identifier, you and you alone will be able to access your HSV ABVIC Test results through the RVx website. Once you have accessed your test results, these may be downloaded as a PDF file.

Interpreting your results
Our team will provide you a conclusion with your test results, and your results will contain the primary data from the HSV ABVIC Test. The results are very visual and intuitively easy to understand. Learn more about how to interpret the results of the HSV ABVIC Test. In addition, our staff will be available to assist you or your doctor if further clarification is required.

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